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When spoons are low it’s so so important to prioritize the essentials – much easier said than done! Today, my boys have been off with their dad for the day, so I spent the time thinking about what is important for us as a family, and for me personally. Then I’ve made it a priority to add these things to my iTunes calendar – a constant reminder…

Spoon saving and using plan for 2013 completed! When you have little spoons you really do have to prioritize! But with some forethought I think I may ‘achieve’ what I hope on my limited supply… I hope so anyway, but at least I’m trying 🙂

So for 2013 it’s;
(1) Spoon saving in the afternoons whilst the boys are at school to try to allow better evenings spent with them is my number one want. Then we can enjoy some fab things together :). Add some fun weekend outings, planned to follow the infusions, and we’ll be sorted!
(2) Using the extra care hours to relieve the boys of the jobs they don’t like and also for a fresh cooked meal once a week too – (all that peeling and chopping etc we can’t achieve alone).
(3) Sharing the week carefully to achieve my long list of wants – Time for Dog Training, Crafts, Writing, Reading, and of course my non-profit website. Just an hour or so of one thing each day is the plan… If the spoons allow!
(4) Spoon time for friends – which I’ll combine with outings as I have before as it’s a two in one use of spoons! So local coffee shop or pub quiz or theatre or cinema etc with my lovely friends :D. I hope I manage not to let them down too often 😉

I hope you have some great plans too and that more importantly, you achieve what you desire 😀

I’ll let you know if I manage it all!!! Fingers crossed…

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New Year Hopes… 🎉

A new year is always a time to think about resolutions for things we want to improve and also dreams of what we hope will be.

For me, I hope to spend the next year on a new medication, which everything crossed, will help better??!!?? It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to reduce the steroids!!! Apart from that I just hope to have a year where I’m able to continue being thankful, contented and as happy as I’ve been for the last six months.

And my New Year Resolution??? I just hope to be able to manage my spoons better so that I’m not sleeping like a baby every evening, leaving the boys to get on alone :(. I’m planning on trying having naps during the day when they’re at school to see if it makes any difference… I’ll keep you posted 😉

We’re having a really lovely Christmas holiday – it’s so amazing how peaceful and happy it is around here with just the three of us :). We’re going to be ok, me and my little gang of little men!

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Christmas in a Spoonie Household 🎄

Trying to manage Christmas time with two boys as a Spoonie Single mum takes a lot of planning, and a big sense of humour!

Forget about trying to ‘do’ everything! Choose your traditions carefully and involve everyone to lighten the load…

We cook together, prepare together, wrap presents together, write cards together, you get the gist ;). Don’t kill yourself trying to be a super spoonie mum!!!

It’s Christmas Eve here now and my food is here – Internet shopping ;), our presents are bought and wrapped – more Internet shopping, with a little real-life shopping in the Christmas markets etc – which we chose to do as fun outings ;), we’re pretty much ready!

So now we can just enjoy! Whilst I’m resting after my Dr’s visit this morning, my boys are happily playing board games on the Lounge floor – perfect, we’re all happy 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll wake relaxed, happily open gifts and the boys will play. Later we’ll all cook together – yep I’ve bought frozen and pre-prepared food – I’m a Spoonie!!! Spoon saving all the way – it makes no difference in the end and it’s soooo much better than causing spoonlessness over the holidays! No hurry, no rushing around, no wasting vital spoons and making myself much sicker!

We’ll have a really lovely holiday, of that I’m certain because I’ll be able to enjoy it with my boys. I’m so so thankful that the spirit of Christmas will fill my house for the holidays, and all done with very limited spoons 😉

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Welcome to my World 🌍!

Spoon saving has become a major way of life for me due to a severe refractory auto-immune disease. But I haven’t let it spoil my life 😉

Life is far too short, as I’m constantly reminded when fellow AOSD fighters loose the battle :(. So I plan on living it to the fullest, but as a spoonie that takes on a whole new perspective…

When far too much time is spent having forced rest due to severe fatigue, what can be achieved alters dramatically! But I’m learning to enjoy a whole new world!

I really hope you enjoy sharing this Spoonie world with me 😀

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