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Mobility Aid Frustrations! 😬

I’ve had a really frustrating day! I’ve been struggling with a few things so decided to contact Social Services for some help with mobility aids…

Sadly however, funding restrictions have meant that they won’t fund the things I need :(. I wanted a bath seat lift so I can soothe my aching joints and raisers for my sofa to help me get on and off it easier. But since I have a shower, they won’t fund a bath lift, and they will only fund raisers for a chair!!!

I felt really deflated, and glum :(. But then I decided to search myself for a solution…

I’m so delighted that I found some great products 🙂


My bath lift is a used bargain from eBay :). I can’t wait to collect it and have a lovely long soak!

My second find are these great sofa risers, suitable for my large three seater sofa


Perfect! I’ll have a far easier time getting on and off the sofa with these 😉

I also bought some elephant feet risers for the sofa at my dining table too, another eBay bargain ;). So now I’m all set!

Although getting excited over shopping for mobility aids wasn’t how I expected to feel at my age, I’ve had the best afternoon getting sorted :).

Now I just have to wait for them all to arrive…

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Spoonless Saturdays! 💪

I’m in need of lots of spoon saving this weekend, but luckily my boy s are busy little bees and don’t need me ;). Today they’ve gone off to visit their nan to wish her a belated Mother’s Day. Then tomorrow it’s a cubs trip to the Sandcastle swimming pool at Blackpool. Two very happy boys, who will be contentedly worn out by the end of it all!

Perfect for me as I can rest-up with films, books and the Internet! Anything to rest but keep my mind from concentrating on my increased pain :(. Fentanyl just isn’t cutting it right now! Walking is nigh on impossible, so my sofa it is!

Luckily I’ve had the chance to catch-up on my pages and blogs, so I can’t complain, since it would be so much worse if I had nothing to achieve!!! I’d go crazy!

Add too, that I’m enjoying looking around at dreams to inspire me, and a lovely day it is turning out to be.

Pain, pain go away so I can walk now!!!

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Thanks for Voting 📊

I really appreciate your votes 🙂


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