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WEGO Health – Day 30


It’s been fun and challenging too at times! But I made it, my 30 day challenge is done!!!

My favourite post title has to be ‘Letters’, as writing to myself showed me how much I’ve grown living with this chronic illness and disability 😉

My least favourite has to be ‘Pain Free Pass’ as it made me look at the things I’m missing out on, which is depressing 😔

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WEGO Health – Day 29


Three things I love about myself???

A tough thing to do as it’s difficult being self-congratulatory ☺! But here goes…

(1). I try very hard to stay positive despite the things thrown at me 😉

(2). I try to remain grateful for the things I have, even in bad days 😄

(3). I try to give my family the best life possible without letting my chronic illness and disability stop me 😘

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WEGO Health – Day 28

Must Follow…

The 5 top Facebook pages I recommend…


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 😉

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WEGO Health – Day 27


I’ve wanted to write a book for many years now and have some things already in draft. But what would it’s title be???

I could use my pages as inspiration and call it ‘Little Ms Still’s’ perhaps, or ‘Spoon Shortage’??? Or maybe ‘Hope’, a word I embrace dearly, and my pagan name meaning (Nada)??? ‘Being Chronically Thankful’ would work too??? Too many choices…

One day I hope that I do get my thoughts and experiences down in book form, we’ll see…

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WEGO Health – Day 26

Pain Free Pass…

A day of living pain-free, imagine that!!! If I had a day pass, I’d choose a day to spend with my boys doing all the activities we can’t accomplish.

Maybe skiing, mountain biking, sledging, sailing… All the great outdoor fun things I’d so love to do!

If only…

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WEGO Health – Day 25


As I’ve mentioned previously, being chronically sick changes everything! So it’s a steep learning curve trying to live a very different life.

There isn’t one particular person that I’ve learnt from, but a whole host of different people over the years 😉. But learn I did and I still continue to do so when a new challenge arises…

My most recent challenge was becoming a single mum. Suddenly, having to cope alone and raise two boys created a whole host of things I needed to learn! My single parent friends were amazingly helpful to me, sharing their experiences and advice 😄. I don’t know how I’d have coped without them?!?!

The most valuable piece of advice I was given was to not beat myself up so much… I might not be able to be everything I want to be as a single mum, but my boys will understand and live me for it 😉. They are amazing, and help me so much! I hope I continue to learn how to make a great life for us despite the hurdles that chronic illness and disability brings…

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WEGO Health – Day 24

Wordless Wednesday…


Follow our group board at Spoon Shortage 😉

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WEGO Health – Day 23


Technology plays a huge part in my life! It’s given me two very vital things; independence and contact with others 😄

Without my iPad, I wouldn’t now be posting as a standard keyboard is far too painful to work on. My kindle allows me to continue reading when holding a book is too painful. My hands free phone technology allows me to chat even when my elbows hurt too much to bend them. Speech recognition technology gives me my words when my hands won’t play.

Then add my mobility aids too – my powerchair is a big one, I’d be housebound without it. My stairlift, my shower, toilet & kitchen stools – all make living at home and getting on independently possible. My kitchen gadgets – angled knives, electric can opener, kettle tipper, cooking baskets, veg peeler… The list goes on!

Without these things I’d have relying on others constantly for help – which is not pleasant at all!

But it doesn’t stop there… Having access to other people living similar lives via my online contact is so very important. I’d feel so isolated on the many days I’m sat here at home alone without the amazing group of friends that I’ve found online 😔. Continents are crossed too, so no matter what time of day, I always have someone to turn too 😄.

Thank you for being there for me 😘

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WEGO Health – Day 22

Day to day…

My ten things I wouldn’t live without…

(1) My powerchair has to be #1 as I’d be so stuck without it!
(2) My Meds – although they’re not working as they should anymore, this last week without them has shown me that they still do make some difference.
(3) My boys for all they do to help me, they’re little stars!
(4) My trainee assistance dog as he’s making my life so much better by doing all his fab tasks to help me to be independent.
(5) My aids and gadgets – I couldn’t cook, shower, sit on my sofa, get in bed or even go to the loo without them!
(6) My fab medical team for fighting for me and just being there – they’ll win the battle for new trial Meds for me, I’m sure with all they are doing!!!
(7) My friends, particularly those online who really get it .
(8) Technology – not being able to hold heavy things, type on a standard keyboard or hold my phone to my ear because of my hands, elbows and shoulders means my kindle, iPad, voice recognition software and hands free technology makes me able to stay connected.
(9) Books, films etc to keep me entertained on those far too many days spent in bed or on the sofa, or nights laying awake – I’d go crazy without these great things to keep me entertained.
(10) The fab attitude of some people and good access – I’d be so stuck getting around in my powerchair if it wasn’t for these fab folk and Ramps, automatic doors, lifts etc!! I could go on, but 10 it is!!! I feel so lucky to have all these things

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WEGO Health – Day 21


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” – Mulan

I have to say that becoming chronically sick has changed me, but for the better 😉. I definitely feel I’m now a much stronger person, with considerably more patience and peacefulness!

Living a more restricted life certainly makes you truly appreciate the good things, and if you take the time to look closely, there is always something to be grateful for 😄

Seeing things from a different perspective, helps compassion for others too. I’ve always given to others, supported charities and empathized with struggle, but only now my life has become more challenging can I say that I understand.

I like the new me, I’d obviously happily be a healthy person! But I’d hope that if one day a cure is found that it doesn’t change how I now look upon the world around me…

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