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Spoon Shortage Stinks!

I’ve been so low on spoons recently and so high on pain 😒. It really is starting to bring me down 👎. My usual excitement for this time of year is just not there!

I’m hoping a trip out this evening to see the light switched on and the Christmas market at a nearby town, gets me in the mood 👍. I’ll also be decorating my home on Sunday too, so hopefully I’ll feel really festive 🎄

Having a grumpy teenager & a poorly assistance dog to worry about too isn’t helping my usual positive mood either 👎. Fingers crossed, with different Meds for the dog and some parenting tactics for the teenager, I’ll turn the corner to something better??

Time to ring in the jolliness now… Christmas is coming! My most favourite time of year 😃. Fun, fun, fun all the way!

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Too many days are spent spoonless in my life and I hate it! I get so stuck in a rut that I end up spending days where I do have some energy doing very little that could be called productive too 👎. So I plan to change all that…

Starting as soon as possible, I’m planning to join a craft class at my local college – just a couple of hours once a week 👍. Add my weekly meditation sessions, fortnightly hospital visits and days out at the weekends with the boys, and my time will be well spent 😉.

Exhausted??, yep I will be!!! But happy??, most definitely!

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Dreams 💭

It’s time to prioritize my dreams, those that really are achievable, and attempt to realize them 💭. Dreams are what keeps us alive!

I plan to write my list of dreams and then work out how I’m going to achieve them 👍. Something I’m learning living life as a chronically sick person, is that life is too short to wait, I want to reach my dreams now, whilst I can…

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Patchwork Quilt

I want my new life to be like a patchwork quilt, filled with a huge variety of different colours and patterns. Finding new things to keep me fulfilled and inspired is my new aim 👍

Doing this exercise in self-improvement this month, I’m already gaining more and more ideas of things that will enrich my life. I hope to continue on this path…

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Sunny Sunday

I put my saying yes plan into practice one Sunday recently. I was feeling exhausted, and just sat there feeling sorry for myself, when my eldest asked, “can we go out, I’m bored??”

What could I say?? Yes of course!

A quick shower and we we’re off out to enjoy lunch 👍. The first pub we arrived at wasn’t accessible, so we headed for the train. Only to find out it wasn’t due for another 45 minutes 👎. Not phased we headed off to a pub we haven’t been to for a while, and guess what?? We enjoyed a fantastic lunch, with bargain kids meal prices too 😉. Everyone was delighted!

A walk in the sunshine home made us realise how lucky we are. A great day, and totally spontaneous. I plan on saying yes again lots more often!


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Say Yes

I say no far too often! Especially being chronically sick, no is commonplace 👎

So my new philosophy is to say yes!!! I want to give things a try, you just never know what you can and can’t achieve, even if only a small part of it, unless you try…

So yes is my new favourite word!

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Home Comforts 🏡

As part of my plan to utilize my home more effectively, I had a Sky box installed in my bedroom. So now when I’m awake in the night as I usually am, or at the weekends when I’m chilling in bed for a little while, I’ll have lots of TV and film choices to watch 👍

That’s one room sorted! Now to use the others…

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The Start of Christmas 🎄

We went to watch a Christmas parade at a nearby town yesterday. It was great fun, and got me in the mood for Christmas


Rolo enjoyed watching too 👍

We’re crafting this weekend, making cards, printing wrapping paper and creating Christmas decorations 🎨. Then we’re off to a dog show and Christmas fair 😉. We have something Christmassy planned every weekend now 👍. We’ll have a great time!

It’ll wipe out my spoons, but it’s worth it for the fun times me and my boys will enjoy.

I hope you too enjoy the build-up to Christmas 🎄

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My Space 🏡

I spend such a huge amount of time in my house but only in one or two places, when in fact there are many places I could spend my time 👍

So my plan is to spend my time in different places throughout the day… A little time in the garden, on the sofa at the dining table, in my craft room, on the hammock, relaxing in the bath with candles… The options go on and on 😉

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A Day Out

I achieved my plan of originality recently 👍

We went to an allergy & freefrom show recently, an experience that you don’t expect to value, but surprisingly we had a brilliant day! We’ll be cooking up a vegan, gluten free storm now 👍. The boys enjoyed it so much they asked if they could return the following day! It just shows what doing something different does 😉


Rolo with all our freefrom goodies 😃

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