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I’ve always wanted to ride in a gondola in Venice – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to go skiing – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to have a canal boat holiday – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to take my boys to disney world in Florida – I’ve never done that…

I’ve always wanted to tour the US in a motor home – I’ve never done that…

I’d like to be an active, fun mum – I’m struggling to be that…

I’d like to grow old and see my boys have children – will I do that…

I’d like to share the burden with someone who loves me – will I do that…

I have lots of dreams, but I’m living life day by day. One day, maybe one day…

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Staying Positive & Happy Despite Chronic Pain & Illness

Our much experienced Spoonies had their say on this topic, and this is what they came up with;

“Know that it can always be worse, and for someone else, it is. Have compassion, have gratitude, practice mindfulness and realize impermanence as a pervasive force in the universe.”

“By thinking it could be a lot worse.. even though I have really bad days. I know that I can handle the pain, or I wouldn’t be going through it. As testing as it is. It’s better me going through it.. than someone who can’t handle it at all. Who ends up leaving the world too early, leaving family and friends behind. I like to think of it as, doing others a favour, that I never was asked to do.”

“find a great fb chronic pain group!”

“By giving yourself time off… allowing yourself to stop and take a moment to recover… be it a bath… or a cuppa.. massage… singing. .. etc.. etc.. anything that gives you a break”

“I look at the pain as a gift that slows me down so I can enjoy all the things I missed in life when I was well and used to start running at 6 a.m. and not stop until midnight. Now I really do smell the roses, linger over coffee, etc., because, LOL, lots of days that little bit is all I can do.”

“Learn to laugh even when things go bad”

“I look at what i have when the pain is bad, a warm home, food, a wonderful husband and 2 fab children. I think about the people who are on the streets with nothing, then it spurs me on.”

“Look around and appreciate the wonderful things around you,talk to like minded people on here,and most of all allow your self to care for yourself”

“I take each day as it comes, if pain is present, I have an easy day, doing crosswords, reading, anything that will not make the pain worse”

“Take things one moment at a time…savor the good moments and realize the bad moments will be gone soon.”

“Remember that however alone and isolated you may feel at times, you never are. I have the support of my family, friends and boyfriend, and we all have each other in this group.”

Personally, I echo what has been said. But to add to this is acceptance. Yes life has changed beyond recognition, but this new me has it’s positives. Learn to love the new you and see the things, however small you have gained. There are better days, when fun is appreciated and grabbed wholeheartedly. And those bad days can be enjoyed too by relaxing into the fact that today is a film day, chilling in bed with heat wraps.

My online friends have been so important to me during those bleak times. No-one understands me more than others who are experiencing similar.

We’d all choose a different path if we could, but keeping a positive attitude, despite it all is so essential! But it’s a grieving process, it takes time. Hang in there, you’ll get to the point where you can be positive and chronically sick and in pain…

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Spoonless but Smiling 😃

We had a lovely weekend away last weekend. I didn’t overdo it. Took it slowly. Rested up in between driving etc. But still I returned totally spoonless 👎. So I’ve spent the week in bed recovering 😒

Even when my carer came, I had to give in an go to my bed for a sleep, despite the noise of the vacuum cleaner, I slept 💤

Today has been the first day I’ve left my bed, and unfortunately it’s involved a visit to wheelchair services for a back-up manual chair, and a vet trip. Not fun outings, so I do hope I feel able to go out tomorrow too…

But despite it all, I’ve tried to keep smiling by finding good films and audio books to keep me entertained from my bed 👍. Add of course my lovely Spoonie family online too, and I’ve never been alone 😉

Half the battle is trying to stay happy, even when things are bad in my view. Which I don’t always manage, but I’m thankful that this week I have 👍

I’m hoping that next week is better though, but I also can’t overdo it as it’s half-term in a week, so I need my spoons for that 👍👍👍

Spoons spent on having fun are worth it 😉

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