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After listening to friends on Facebook & having a ‘taster’ session at a mind, body & spirit fair recently, I decided to book my first reiki session this week. I had a lovely, relaxing session, and have re-booked further sessions for both reiki & reflexology with the the therapist 👍

On returning home, I discovered self-healing reiki, again from a Facebook friend, so I spent my time reading and watching recordings about self-healing reiki…

Insomnia struck last night, and I was on the Internet as usual and I found a way that suits me & that Works with my beliefs, and I feel incredible!!! Gratitude is my force to gain the power in my hands & I called upon my guiding angels to help me…

Today I had the most wonderful energy in my hands & I felt an amazing swirl of light in my body during my reiki self-healing session. I’m speechless in how to describe how absolutely wonderful it all was!!!

I’m so very grateful to my friends for sending me down this path. Words just can’t describe how I feel…

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Positive posting…

I’m struggling…

These weekends of fun for my boys are having a negative effect on how I feel for a few days afterwards 😒. Nothing new there! And it can be hard to stay positive when the pain, fatigue, fever & flueyness is high 👎

Laying in bed can be depressing, so I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself feeling smiley 😄

Firstly, I’ve been enjoying the sunny views from my window ☀️




Keeping the window open so I can listen to the birds too helps 👍

But most of all, creating posts for my pages on Facebook have kept me occupied…





Plus the odd one to express myself too 😉…


Today is my first Reiki therapy. I really hope it helps me to feel better 👍. I’ll keep you posted…

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