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Learning from my mistakes…

We’re away on holiday at the moment…   Usually we stay in one place for a few days, with a stop-off on the journey if it’s far 👍  But this time we’ve travelled each day to a new location,  and it really hasn’t worked at all 😣

Travelling has just zapped my spoons,  so I’ve ended up arriving at each place already feeling spoonless 👎

It’s meant that we’ve only done a little each day and then come back to the hotel to rest – not much fun 🙄

Thankfully we’re now staying in one spot for a couple of days, and we have a plan…

Late leisurely breakfasts, a bus journey into the Centre,  so no driving 🚗, prioritizing the best things to do,  eating an early dinner,  then lots of rest 👍👍👍

We won’t let the spoons win!!! 

Onwards and upwards 😀

Today’s highlight was punting on the river 👏  It was fantastic!!! 

Memories like these make it all worthwhile 😄

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