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Independence 👩

As the years have rolled by and my illness and disability worsened, I’ve often faced hurdles. But visiting with my lovely OT has opened my eyes hugely!

Dressing – no buttons, zips or fastenings of any kind, & a button fastener for if I do need it, plus a sock puller – a pull on bra, and pull on tops and trousers/jeans. I can still look good but be relatively independent when dressing 👍

Showering – a shower stool, long handled wash scrunchie, long handled hair washer and brush – all make showering with minimal help possible 😉

Cooking – angled knives, electric jar & tin openers, slow cooker, chopper/mixer/blender, and a kitchen… – cooking, Spoonie style!

Getting around – a stairlift, crutches and my powerchair in particular have given me freedom to roam 😄

Driving – hand controls & a wheelchair ramp – gave me back my life!

Adopt the same approach to every hurdle and independence IS possible 😄

Challenges are problems to solve…

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