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Summer ☀️

The seasons have a big effect on us spoonies, so navigating them takes experience.

For me the best time is Spring and autumn as it’s not too extreme, but winter and summer I can be tough.

Winter for the cold and wet weather can play havoc with the pain and summer can be too hot, which is unbearable with the systemic fevers.

But I have things controlled here…

My hot tub is in the shade so I can relax in warm soothing bubbles without the heat of the day.  I also have all my seating sorted too, a rocker that I can get in and out of is in the shade on my patio and my eating area is shaded too 👍🏻

The summer has lots of advantages too if you can keep out of the sun.  Lots of vit D helps my bones and mood 👍🏻. Plus on spoonless days I can enjoy the views from the window 😉

Winter is another story, the cold is dreadful for pain and negotiating icy conditions as a wheelchair user, can be treacherous.  My solution???  Lots of joint supports to provide warmth, support and to keep the swelling at bay makes a big difference.  And sticking to indoor places means my wheels will travel 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

But enough about the cold, it’s beautiful here in the UK at the moment, not too hot, but pleasantly warm, so I’m enjoying some outside time 😉.  It’s a wonderful change sitting in my garden instead of on the sofa in my lounge. A change is as good as a rest they say, well I have both!  Perfect 😄

Enjoy the sunshine folks ☀️

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Living not just surviving…

It’s difficult to see the purpose we bring to life when too many days are spent stuck at home, collapsed on the sofa or in bed…

But if my shortened life expectancy has taught me anything it’s that life is short and should be lived to its fullest 😉

So bring on the candles and fairy lights – why save them just for Christmas?  Roll those feel good films & dress the room with some fragrant flowers – my garden is in bloom, so I’ve plenty to have brought indoors 👍🏻.   And my purpose???  To raise a smile and spread positivity on my page,  I hope I can inspire and lift as many people as possible…

Then when the better days come, grab every spoon on having some fun!  For me that’s a mini outing with my boys or if they’re at school, a visit to a craft fair with my carer – perfect!

I do hope my spoons allow me to get some of the things on my bucket list ticked off, but if I’ve enjoyed as much as I can here, good and bad days both, then I’ll be happy 😄

Live life to the full folks because life is short…

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Spoonless Days 🍴

Too many days spent feeling spoonless but trying to stay upbeat…

Keeping myself amused & positive is the key, so I do whatever I feel up to doing, from just laying in bed with films washing over me, to candles, flowers, fairy lights and of course Facebook!

I truly value those days when I feel like I’ve accomplished something, even more so now that I know my days are numbered…  Even if it’s something small, at the end of the day if I can look back and see purpose I feel contented.

But the best days are those when I can get out, even just an hour or two makes an enormous difference.  If it coincides with the weekends when I can enjoy some time with my boys, then all the better.  I want to leave my boys with some amazing memories, so time spent with them is precious.

Then there are those days I’m not happy with.  Hospital appointments – I feel as though my spoons are wasted sitting in waiting rooms.  Plus days where I can’t beat the depression…

Staying positive and enjoying as much as I can from each day is my ideal, that’s when I’m happy.

Spoonie days…  A challenge, but I’ll value them.

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