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Chilly days…

It’s become really cold here in the UK, not good for hurty bits, not good at all!  But I have it sorted…

Cozy warm fire 🔥 and my lovely handmade blanket 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I’m a snug as a bug in a rug 😉. Yep I’m hibernating, but who wants to venture out in this???  Not me!  

I will go out next week, whatever the weather as I do have a plan…  My joint supports are made of neoprene = warm and supported joints, plus my cozy shawl, gloves, scarf and hat 😄, hey I’m not taking any risks!  Who cares if I  look like I wrapped up for the North Pole when I venture out???  Not me 😉. It’s cold just sat in a wheelchair and as I said, cold = pain, so I’m being proactive…

Chilly days…  Yep, I have them sorted!  The cold won’t stop me 😄

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Yes, I’d pick more daisies next time…

Yes, I’d pick more daisies next time

If I had my life to do over…I’d pick more daisies! I would try to make more mistakes

I’d be sillier then i have been this time…I would relax, I would limber up

I know very few things I would take seriously

I would take more trips, travel lighter

I would be crazier… would be less hygienic…I would take more chances

I would climb more mountains… swim more rivers…watch more sunsets…

I would eat more ice cream and less beets

I would have more real problems and less imaginary ones, you see i am one of those people who live practically…seriously…and sanely…hour after hour day after day…OH I have had my MAD moments…

I would have more of them

Best moments, one after another…instead of living so many ahead 

I would be one of those people who never go anyplace without a thermometer…hot water bottle a gargle or a raincoat…or a road map

If I had my life to live over…I would start barefooted earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall

I would ride more merry-go-rounds, and swing more

I would do more water and sun-fun things

I’d turn more somersaults…roll in the grass…go barefoot all over

If I had my life to live over…I would pray out loud…I wouldn’t care what others thought or expect of me

I’d give more to me and take more of you

I’d just be me more and more…

If I had my life over, I would not regret anything…that way I wouldn’t have to write this reminder to me…

YES, I’d pick more daisies next time.

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How you look at it…

I’m stuck in a wheelchair…  My powerchair gives me freedom so I can keep up with my boys 😉

I need a carer for day to day living…  My carers are lovely people who are like good friends 👍🏻

My prognosis is poor, a shortened life expectancy…  I’m living life to the full, when spoons allow 😄

I need aids to help me with daily activities…  Aids have given me such freedom, I can do so much more for myself 😉

Insomnia and painsomnia strike often, I sleep terribly…  I enjoy films during the night when all is quiet and catching up with friends on facebook too 👍🏻

My pain is extreme, even very high doses of fentanyl don’t fix it…  I’m blessed that my professor prescribes morphine, many others struggle getting strong pain killers 😄

I’m often totally spoonless…  On bad days I enjoy films, reading, catching up with friends online and crafts 😉

My medications cause awful side effects…  They operated on my eyes, so my cataracts are gone and my hip replacement surgery for the fracture was very successful.  My bp Meds keep my blood pressure down and I’m monitored closely for all side effects.  I’m so grateful for the NHS 👍🏻

I need an assistance dog to help me…  My dog is my best friend, and a fabulous ice breaker with others 😄

My boys and friends have to help me…  I’m so blessed with amazing help, and my boys are such caring and mature young men because they’ve cared for me, a valuable life skill 😉
It’s all how you look at things, positivity makes a huge difference to my mental health 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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A very welcome break…

I got away, finally!!!  Llandudno with a sea view, perfect!

After busy days out I could rest with the best view, I couldn’t ask for more!

A very very very happy time was had by all!  We’ll definitely go back and request the same room 😉

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I want to thank you…

There are so many negative posts about being in a wheelchair, using disabled parking spaces and peoples attitudes to both.  But I want to thank you…

Thank you the kind person who let me go in front of the queue when my pain levels were high and I’d struggled into the local shop on crutches.  Thank you for the person who helped me to pack my bags and load them onto my wheelchair when I had to shop alone.  Thank you to the amazing person who cleaned up after my assistance dog so my young boys didn’t have to.  Thank you to the store attendant who brought me a scooter to my car when I couldn’t bring my wheelchair that day as it was in the workshop.  Thank you to the shop assistants or other shoppers who often reach my goods from the higher shelves.  Thank you to the passer by who brought me a basket when they saw that I was overloaded with things on my knee…

I could go on…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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