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Chronically happy, a year in the life of a spoonie – December

Happy Christmas 🎄!!!

We’ve had the perfect month!  A trip to Edinburgh to enjoy the Christmas market and to watch Mamma Mia at the theatre! We like to take a trip to a Christmas market each year if possible, well recently anyway 😉. Last year it was Lincoln, this year Edinburgh and next year Germany on our cruise 🚢 !!!

We celebrated Yule by cooking on the fire 🔥, like an indoor BBQ!  We enjoyed lots of different veggie sausages, jacket potatoes & corn on the cob.  We also enjoyed a cheese fondue, roasted chestnuts and s’mores too, yummy!  Then we lit the Yule log and wish papers too 👍🏻

The next day we enjoyed lunch with my sister-in-law as we will only see them on Boxing Day, a fun day out.  Then we got busy, well my son did, cooking food for our gift hampers 🎁.

Christmas Day was quiet, but we enjoyed a wonderful meal, and I finally got to wear my Pandora bracelet, with all its meaningful charms – a lucky penny for luck, a suitcase to mark our travels for my bucket list, a fairy on a toadstool to remember my pagan adventures this year, a camera to remember our outdoor photo shoot, a castle to remember Edinburgh Christmas markets, an angel to remember my late sister and a love heart handprint to remember my late daughter.  Perfect!

Boxing Day we had a party!  Lots of food and lots of fun games.  New year was quiet as my hubby was working, but we’ll make up for it next month when we go to Centerparcs!

All in all a good month, with lots and lots to keep me very happy 😊. And that wraps up my year of being chronically happy too!

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Happy Photos Day 31…

Making wishes for the New Year and remembering my late sister and daughter…

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A Year of Happiness…

My New Year resolution is to inspire others to enjoy each day, despite the bad days…  so I’ll be posting here daily with my ‘Happy Thing 😁’

If you want to join me, that would be great!  I’ve included a weekly schedule you can print, or just comment with your daily or weekly ‘Happy Thing 😁’.  I’m so looking forward to other people’s ideas!

Or if you want to post daily you could use this…

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Happy Photos Day 30…

We enjoyed some fun and games over the Christmas holidays 🎄 

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Happy Photos Day 29…

My Christmas Spoon 🥄!!!  A much appreciated present I’ve added to my collection…

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Happy Photos Day 28…

I bought a Yankee candle advent calendar in the sales, half price!  I’m all set for next year now 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Happy Photos Day 27…

My photos from our outdoor photo shoot arrived!

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Happy Photos Day 26…

Experiences not things…  I experienced different textures under my feet this year from my wheelchair, it felt so blissful!

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New Year Thoughts…

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, I’m not that kind of person, but it is a time where I take stock and think of the year past and the coming year…  

It’s been an interesting year.  Two hip dislocations have laid me out, but overall it’s been pretty fun!  I’ve ticked some things off my bucket list and planned some amazing things for next year!  So I’m feeling pretty positive.

Yes my illness has continued to decline and I’m battling with medications that aren’t working as well anymore, but I’m still adamant that a stem cell transplant isn’t the answer.  I’ll take the shortened life expectancy and accept that this is the way I need to live now.  Acceptance is a beautiful thing, it’s really given me peace.

I’m happy and contented in my lot.  That might sound strange as I battle daily with pain, fatigue, fever and disability, but I truly accept that this is my life and so I live within my boundaries and do so as fully as I can!  I search for happy things – a good book on bad days or a fun few hours out on better days.  I spend time making things fun and ensuring that my energy is spent on enjoying myself, in whatever way that is.

But I’m blessed to have the support of my hubby and soon we’ll have a carer helping too, so I can concentrate on enjoying my time with my family.  That’s something I’m truly grateful for.

So next year I’m planning more fun.  I’ve spent time on those days when things feel bad, those days when everything starts to get to me, looking for fun for the better days.  I now have my calendar to look at with ideas of places to go and things to do.  I have a long book reservation list at my library for those bad days too and lots of fun things recorded from the tv.  I will have fun!  That’s my goal…

So no New Year, new me for me!  Just a simple thing – a bit of fun!  Life is for living.  If mine does turn out to be short as my Prof predicts, it will be filled with lots of happy moments.  I’ll leave a ream of memories and go out with a bang!

Write your list of fun too, you never know the effect it will have on your coping abilities.  Museums… Craft fairs… Interesting little villages… Places to experience nature… Country markets… A car boot sale… A book you’ve always wanted to read… Music to lift your spirits… A funny tv show… A comedian at the theatre, or another theatre show… The cinema… The list is endless!  Grab life!  It’s too short not to!

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Happy Christmas 🎄 

It’s been a tough day!  Christmas is so very Spoon zapping!!!  But I’ve survived and everyone had fun, so win win 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I have news…  I’m planning to try to write a book or two on kindle, eek 😬!  I’ll sell for a very low price so that it’s accessible to everyone, but I want to try to raise money for Arthritis Research here in the UK 🇬🇧, so all profits will go to that.

I’ve considered writing a book for a while now, but was spurred on by a lovely new Facebook friend, so I’m doing it!

Watch this space…

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