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Chronically Christmas 2017…

This year was a mixed year…

My hip broke badly, after a fall, and needed a brace plate. It was awful surgery! So painful and hugely debilitating! I was still laid up at Christmas, despite breaking it in August!

Add that it led to PTSD too, and you can imagine that Christmas was tough this year. But I wouldn’t let it stop me!

We went Christmas shopping earlier than usual, it helped to keep busy. So as the Christmas markets opened, I’d virtually finished! I still enjoyed wandering the markets though, it helped to lift my spirits.

Our cruise had to be cancelled sadly, I just wasn’t well enough. So we booked a short break in York. It was much needed! Getting away for just a few days and forgetting about everything, was perfect! I loved every minute!

With this in mind, I’ve planned a few breaks, for just me and my hubby, next year. We really need some time to just relax and enjoy ourselves. It’s definitely an essential!

Onwards to Christmas…

Saving energy, I gift bagged all the gifts instead of wrapping them all. Card writing was done during my many hospital visits too, the perfect way to pass the time. We were ready!

Yule was a family event, we shared food and exchanged gifts. Lots of fun games and some mulled wine, plus burning the Yule log. Perfect! I was in the mood.

Christmas Day was going to be different this year – a group of friends from the assistance dog group felt lonely and were thinking of cancelling Christmas this year. So I came up with a plan, why not celebrate together??? They grabbed at the idea! So we’ll be spending the day with friends!

No centerparcs this year for the first time, but new year my hubby is off work, yeah! So we can relax together enjoying seasonal tv and the fireworks at midnight too.

Then we’re off to the sales to see if there are any gifts suitable for family birthdays…

We’ll celebrate, whatever is going on around us!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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Today’s YES…

I won’t post all my YES’s but some of them I just have to share with you…

Today my son is going to a concert in Birmingham, so needs a lift there. I decided to go along too so we can visit the Christmas markets and enjoy a film too! Saying YES to fun!

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Saying YES…

I’m planning on saying YES as often as possible starting today!

So, despite a huge lack of spoons following our mini break, I’ve spent the day searching for fun!

Now I have a calendar filled with fun things, mainly museums, stately homes and interesting villages to amble around. I’m booked up right up to May half term! I’ve also sent an email to a accessible mountain climb too!!!

Any other recommendations most welcome 👍🏻

I will make some amazing memories…

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I’m back…

After an absolutely amazing short break in York, I’m back feeling festive. It was just perfect!

We wandered the market as soon as we arrived, after checking in at our hotel and dumping the bags. The light was fading, so the fairy lights created a perfect atmosphere, I was in heaven! Our plan was to then return to the hotel and enjoy dinner, but the hotel food wasn’t great. No problem though, we could just wander out to eat!

The next day we woke feeling excited. Lots of museums later, and we were filled with fun. A hearty lunch, followed by a drink in the heated tent – hot cider, yum – and we were ready to rest. A very fulfilling day.

Our return home was broken up by visits to a couple of places. Leeds, to see the German Christmas market, followed by Harrogate. Then home.

I’m now exhausted! But extremely happy 😊

Mini breaks are definitely worth the spoons, so I’ve booked more for the new year. Telford in January for all the Ironbridge museums and maybe the Black Country museum too, and Wells in March for Glastonbury fun and the various standing stones too 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I can’t wait!

Now when the fun of the season is over and it’s grey and cold, I can look forward to our breaks!

My New Years resolution is to say YES to as many fun things as possible – I will live, despite chronic illness and disability, one spoon at a time…

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Chronically Christmas…

I’m glad that I ended my book last year as this year hasn’t run smoothly at all!

My broken hip and subsequent heart problems, plus PTSD has resulted in a pretty rocky Christmas. I’ve spent hours round the garden centres etc in September and October to take my mind off the trauma, so I did buy my gifts. But now my get up and go has gone, so I’m struggling to wrap presents and parcel them up to send, or write cards.

It’s the 3rd of December and I’ve only just received my advent calendar! It was in the attic and my hubby was too tired to get it after working nights. I also have only just got my tree decorated. Not by me, I can’t stand up for long enough, but by my hubby and youngest son. So it’s wonky and nothing like it usually looks, but it’s here!

Christmas Day is going to be totally different this year too. A few friends were planning to cancel Christmas, so I suggested a get together. We’re now spending the day at a scout hut. But we’ll be amongst others, so that’s the main point isn’t it? Better than it just being us here alone.

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps about it all right now – it’s not been the ideal, and I’m not feeling particularly festive. But I’ll snap out of it hopefully, and put my all into it as the day nears…

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