So what are these Spoons??

For those of you who need a little introduction to ‘The Spoon Theory’ there is an excellent link to the left to read all about it. But briefly, spoons are portions of energy that us ‘Spoonies’ – or people fighting chronic diseases that cause severe fatigue – have in limited supply. Each day we wake with a certain amount of spoons available, and everytime we ‘do’ something we use a spoon or two. Showering, dressing, making breakfast, all costs spoons. Even visiting with a friend, or blogging here on the computer!

Sometimes we have only 10 spoons for the whole day, other times even less, or sometimes more. But always always only a few.

Living life with limited spoons – or as I’ve called it – a Spoon Shortage – is very challenging indeed! This blog is my way of sharing with you life as a Spoonie Single Mum, trying to stay positive, laugh a lot and remain thankful πŸ˜‰


‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.’ ~ T.S. Eliot


4 thoughts on “Spoons?

  1. RecoveryRoxx

    I use the spoon theory also.

  2. Karen Colton

    This is so sweet of you o do this what exactly is your disease. You are an amazing person to helpm mothers in your time of need

  3. Where can I find the entire spoon theory

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