Tips & Tricks…

Spoon Shortage is so difficult! Trying to save spoons can be a job in itself! So this page is aimed at us sharing some ‘Tips & Tricks’ on how we can conserve our spoons on a daily basis, or during special times.

I’d really love for you to all share your own ideas by adding your comments. Together we can share some great ideas I’m sure 😉

My Top Tips…
1) Rest between, before and after!!! Resting up before things get too bad can make all the difference. From my experience it’s vital to start with some energy, and end before you’re totally spent, so resting in between too can mean bigger jobs can be spread out and achieved 😉

2) Use as little energy as you can! So sit if you can instead of standing, especially in ‘high’ spoon spending activities such as showering, cooking etc. there are loads and loads of individual ways of achieving this one, I’d love to hear yours!

3) Aids are a girls best friend! If like me you have problems physically too they’re essential! Long-handled body scrubs, a hair washing tool, electric tin openers, kettle tipper, rocker knives, large handled cutlery and kitchen tools, sock aids, bottle twisters, etc etc, the list is endless… They make a huge difference, so well worth the investment 😉

4) Spread the fun! Obvious really, but less easy to control at busy periods such as the holidays. However it’s so vital! If it means buying presents in November, decorating the house over a week, writing cards three or four at a time and ordering food online, it’s possible with planning ;). But doing a little each day makes a much better spoon saving technique than trying to do it all at once and then ending up much much worse! Try it, it really does work!

I have loads and loads of more ideas, so I’ll keep adding to the list… Please, please do add your own ideas, we’d all really love to hear your ideas 😉



12 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks…

  1. Clair Worsfold CF47 0RR

    I have had problems in the past with jars for things like cook in sauces like Dolmio pasta sauces that are vacuum sealed. Sometimes these are so tight they are impossible to open even with my aids. I have actually sat down and cried because I failed to open one when I was trying to make lasagne. I am so proud of the method I used eventually I wanted to share it. I got out my tin opener, an ordinary device with bottle opener included for opening beer bottles and I used the bottle opener attachment, attacking the lid as if it were a bottle of beer. It worked!!! It broke the vacuum seal and the lid turned easily. It was so simple after all that huffing and puffing and wrapping elastic bands around the damn thing, I never need help with these jars again, no matter how weak the wrists may get. I am invincible 🙂

    • Little Ms Stills

      Love it! I’ll definitely try that 😉. We end up taking things round to our neighbour for help! Especially my sons medication – child-proof bottles are poorly hands proof too!!

      • So agree re: safety measures ~ foil wrapped tablets etc ~ have been on chemo so fingers make opening hard ~ agree with this “bottle opener trick” ~ also have problems with opening ring-pull cans ~ no nails, so have a ha !dy nail on shelf to prize up the ring

  2. I too have probs with jars of this nature and found a swift smack on the sideboard usually breaks the seal and makes them easier to open with my wonky RA hands! i also found some non-slip rubber matting i cut in to circles to aid my grip too. hope this helps x

  3. Great tips! Along the lines of your “spread the fun” tip, I also try to get things out of the way when I’m feeling my best. Since I usually feel worst in the mornings, if I’m having a good night I’ll start a meal in the crockpot or cook up some snacks and store them for the next day. When my hair was longer, I’d wash it and put it in a sockbun, so I’d have curls in the morning.

  4. Kathryn Puckett

    I have been so frustrated with life, not realizing that the weakness I was feeling was coming from my fibro!! I had a motorcycle accident like 11 years ago that messed me up pretty good, and then this set in, feeling weak and tired was one thing, but not being able to pick stuff up or open jars or light a simple lighter for my candles or grill was sooooo frustrating!! Thank you for letting me know that this is some how “normal” for us.

  5. RecoveryRoxx

    Water yoga has helped so much. It’s fun, good for me and challenging without being over-taxing. I still struggle with pain and weakness especially in my limbs, but I’m doing a little better since starting weather walking and yoga 3 months ago.

  6. A friend gave me a multipot as a gift. It’s a combination electric rice cooker, pressure cooker, sloow cooker, saute pan, steamer, and I don’t know what-all. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did laundry in small batches somehow. When I’m having a short-on-spoons day, it helps to drop supper into this device and start ‘er up. I might have to use the saute setting for a bit to speed up the process and then set it to slow cook if I get started later in the day. It has saved me from an exhausted dinner or frozen pizza more than once when my spoons simply ran out.

  7. i got a ammo box , it has a place for a key lock ,so i can lock my meds up, but they don’t need childproof bottles tops .. and it’s safe for kids to be in my house and if i travel it’s safe at someone else house too .. hope this idea can help someone , it works great for me ..

  8. Sandy W

    My shower chair is the best spoon saver. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Anything that saves me spoons I’m all ears. My hands just don’t function well. It is very difficult to do tasks that require using my hands which is about everything. I recently bought a new cooker. It uses pressure, slow, browns, steams and/or keeps food warm. It can be programmed to start cooking and when done automatically to warm. I’m so excited and I really want to cook something. Since we just had Thanksgiving and we have finished leftovers maybe I can use it this week.

    • Spoon Shortage Sue

      I bought every aid possible for cooking, from electric can openers to an automatic peeler, angled knives for chopping, jar openers etc. You can find all kinds of things to help online x. Maybe they could be on your Christmas list…

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